Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid, just 2.2 litres/100 km

7It has been more than ten years since the car detail Toyota Prius started its global marketing. At this point the most popular hybrid of all is close to reaching a new milestone with the market introduction of the Toyota Prius Hybrid Electric Plug or Plug-In Hybrid. The most important milestone, in fact, is the ability to recharge the batteries using conventional any power to take advantage of autonomous operation in electric mode and the capacity of its lithium-ion battery.
Until now, the Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid was part of a pilot program in which some units were distributed worldwide with the aim of exploring the possibilities of a Toyota Prius plug-in. Beyond this first hurdle and the final model is ready for launch and marketing throughout 2012. Still do not know much of their specifications, but we can ensure that a combined cycle consumption of 2.2 litres/100 approved will km and emissions of CO2 of 49 g / km.

The consumption figures may be misleading. Approval of consumption has been obtained considering that lithium ion batteries were how much fully charged my car worth, which implies that over a period of X km (do not know exactly how many) will be circulated in full mode electric. So from the moment the battery is empty, and if we do not stop to refuel, consumption would tend to approach those obtained by conventional car Toyota Prius.

However the idea of moving for a few tens of miles without consuming a single gallon of fuel we can convey that probably most of our daily trips gasoline consumption would be significantly reduced or even is null.

The Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid will join other extended-range hybrid Opel Ampera as itself, making it the ideal 8alternative to currently marketed hybrids and achieving significant benefits, such as autonomy, respect to the first batch of electric who have come to the market.

Although many important car wash details need to know about the Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid, for example price. The use of lithium ion batteries portends that the price will increase significantly compared to a conventional Toyota Prius. For now Toyota says it will be relatively affordable given that among other things use the same Hybrid Synergy Drive and amortized hybrids have been commercially for years.

The final model of Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid will be presented in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Audi A2 , But no convincing wins the Motor Show

41In Frankfurt they presented the prototype Audi A2 Concept and it returned to resurface an important question should be granted a second chance to the concept of the Audi A2. Recall that the first generation of this mini-minivan went through six years of scarce marketing with more pain than glory. Many blamed it and quite a high price may seem a contradiction, a technology too advanced for its time, in fact and in 1999 was made of aluminum and had been planted in a consumption of 3 liters per 100 kilometers.

Live the Audi A2 Concept is presented as an oversized image, robust and easily the Audi A1. All defects that has got the A1 itself, in terms of limiting its dimensions, its space and comfort in the cockpit, would be solved with a hypothetical Audi A2 which would build on this prototype. Its main advantage is the five-door four seats for four adults working and acceptable loading space. Its height also allows passengers to travel comfortably certain height. Assistance in this regard is completely glassed roof.

All that orange lights on the side is an extension of intermittent signals signaling, which is original and aesthetically pleasing in combination with the pilots and lighthouses LED. The frameless windows, which are due to their status prototype section, also improve aesthetic quality and appearance.63

But it is precisely in this age where we stand side with another peculiar detail. How many times manufacturers have tried to hide or camouflage the door handles to prevent breaking the aesthetics of the sideline. Seat and Alfa Romeo, to name two popular examples, chose to equip its compact five-door handles integrated into a rear corner of the rear windows and try to maintain a line of coupe. A mechanical opening system lacks shooter is somewhat inaccessible and difficult to implement in a best affordable buy & sell my small car online at low price either.

In this prototype if you look shooters are not appreciated. The reason is that these are embedded flush with the body and are only imposed in response to a hand when you can touch them in the black stripe that adorns the body of medium height. Then the handle (which is conventional) moves, protrudes slightly and you can open the door.